The main objective of Application security is to harden the application so that attacks are more difficult to carry out.

What is Application Security?

Application security is the process of making apps more secure by finding, fixing, and enhancing the security of apps. Much of this happens during the development phase, but it includes tools and methods to protect apps once they are deployed. This is becoming more important as hackers increasingly target applications with their attacks.

Application security is getting a lot of attention. Hundreds of tools are available to secure various elements of your applications portfolio, from locking down coding changes to assessing inadvertent coding threats, evaluating encryption options and auditing permissions and access rights. There are specialized tools for mobile apps, for network-based apps, and for firewalls designed especially for web applications.

What does Application Security Assessment include?

We help you build a better, safer, and more secure software. SmartThink works with your development team to integrate secure development activities over the entire software development process. The end goal of secure SDLC integration is to drive and empower developers to perform secure development activities as part of their standard development process—all while reducing overall development costs associated with software maintenance.

We help you test your application (Application penetration test).The overall goal of an application penetration test is to uncover software vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of the weaknesses, and provide recommendations for mitigation. During a penetration test, SmartThink has two primary objectives: the obtainment of unauthorized access and/or the retrieval of sensitive information.

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