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The students of SmartThink™ LLC have always marked their presence wherever they go. They have been reaching heights of success since 2010. SmartThink builds up solutions for Commercial Organizations and Government Agencies (all over the world), therefore aim to pass on practical and relevant information to our clients. We are a commercially aware organization. Hundreds of people have benefited from our services and the training we offer. It is time for you to go to your next level by becoming more productive.

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I’m filled with so much excitement to be given this opportunity to express my gratitude to the folks at SmartThink LLC. My name is Anthony Sepenoo and a past student of this great I.T Security School. I joined this class a while back as a result of a success story of a close friend and since then, I have become a great inspiration to others around me. I was once a correctional officer barely making ends meet but now due to the a career changing education by the folks at SmartThink LLC, I can proudly say that my life is now awesome with a professional title as a Mid I.T Security Analyst working for TRUE IA LLC supporting IRS in Lanham. My story since then has changed the people around me and I encourage all prospect students to believe in the credibility of this Alma Mater of mine. | ALUMNI 2014

Anthony Sepenoo
I.T Security Analyst, TRUE IA LLC

If you need a change in your career, Smart Think is where to start. The professionals at Smart Think will give you on the job training that will propel you to any professional Cadre you aspire to be. The best part is that they will guide, nurture and are always readily available whenever you call on them for advise. Since my training, I have been spreading the good news. | ALUMNI 2015

Lylia Igwebuike
Senior Consultant, Cyber Security Policy and Compliance Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton

SmartThink™ LLC is undoubtedly the best Cyber Security Training Centre and also best for it’s commitment and responsibility towards students.

Sophia Miller
Chief Editor, News Agency VA

What I am today is because of the Training I received from SmartThink™ LLC. The lecturers are very helpful and committed towards students. | ALUMNI 2016

Michael Morris
Mechanical Engineer
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