Types Of Computer Q4

  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Mainframe
  • Microcomputer
  • Super Computers

Mainframe vas Supercomputers

DateStarted in the 1950s. The first successful mainframe computer is invented by IBM.Started in 1960s. Seymour Cray invent the Supercomputer.
TaskPerform tasks on huge amounts of external data.  Run multiple programs concurrently.Focused on speed and accelerated performance. Much processing power than mainframes. They are often a cluster or grid of smaller computers working together on whatever problem they are looking to solve.
Use CaseHandle mission-critical business workloads. Example: updates a database system for inventory control (goods), airline reservations (services), or banking (debit and credit cards processing) Supercomputers designed for academic or research purposes, rather than for hosting workloads that you’d find in a typical business. Super computers are used for large and complex mathematical computations. Example: forecasting weather and quantum physics.
Size Size of a refrigerator, Mainframe computers smaller than supercomputer in size.Supercomputers are the largest computers.
CostMainframe computers are less costly than supercomputers. Supercomputers are the most costly in the worlds.
Operating SystemRun many different kinds of operating systems (z/OS, Linux, etc.).Typically run a variant of Linux as their operating system.
UserSupport many concurrent usersUsually do not support many concurrent users.
MeasurementHave performance measured in Millions of Instructions per Second (MIPS)Have performance measured in Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS)
ExampleIBM with Z Systems (leader), Unisys with ClearPath Libra, Hitachi co-developed the zSeries z900 with IBM,  Fujitsu (formerly Siemens)with  BS2000, and Fujitsu-ICL VME.IBM Summit (2018), Sunway TaihuLigh (2016), Cray Titan (2012), IBM Roadrunner (2008) and Fujitsu K computer (2011)
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