I-System Information Q2

  1. System Name: Clinical Research Technology (CRT)
  2. Type of Application: Major Application
  3. System Description: Clinical Research Technology (CRT), a FileZilla FTP server, is a remotely accessible system which allows doctors employed by the Center of Information Technology (CIT) to upload, download and view clinical research data aim to cure cancer. It stores demographic information (Patient name, address and social security number) and medical records. Users access CRT through an FTP client (FileZilla) installed on their laptops by entering the Hostname/Host IP, Username, Password and Port.
  4. Information Type: Health Care Administration Information Type; Health Care Delivery Services Information Type, Health Care Research and Practitioner Education Information Type
  5. System Owner: John Dumelo
  6. Authorizing Official: Kossi Azoumaro
  7. Information Owner: Thomas Tete
  8. Information System Security Officer: Kwaku Mensah
  9. CA/SA&A Analyst: You (You work for Smart Think and assisting the ISSO)
  10. IC: Center for Information Technology (CIT)
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